A Nation Teeming With Elmer Gantrys

By John Bloom | 11/07/2007

Yes, that was the sound of 148 televangelists all trying to get through to their lawyers at the same time yesterday morning as the faxes from the Senate Finance Committee sputtered into their headquarters.

For those of you who haven’t yet read about it in the Tampa Tribune (first to break the story), seen it on CBS News (first and most thorough in the electronic media), or pondered its implications in the Wall Street Journal, here’s what happened:

Senator Chuck Grassley, the Iowa Republican whose middle name is “Mr. Accountability,” concluded a two-year investigation of big “prosperity church” ministries with a few suspicions about whether the spirit of the tax code might be in peril. So he sent out letters requesting full voluntary financial disclosure to six of those organizations–three big ones and three not so big.


The headliners were Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and his lovely wife Gloria, and Creflo Dollar and his exquisely named wife Taffi.

Less well known, unless you happen to subscribe to “Widow-Fleecing Monthly,” were Randy and Paula White, the couple whose Without Walls International Church in Tampa outlasted their marriage; Joyce Meyer and her loving husband David, of Joyce Meyer Ministries in Fenton, Missouri, who may have had to use their $23,000 marble-topped commode when they heard the news; and Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church of Lithonia, Georgia, who apparently made the list because of his healthy appetite for faith-based-initiative money.

Confused yet? We happen to know a few of the people at Trinity Foundation who did the nitty-gritty detective work on this, so we’ll lay it out for you:

There’s been a trend over the past 20 years for non-profit corporations, which are required to file reports with the Internal Revenue Service, to convert themselves into churches, which are not required to file anything.

Some of these churches have an appetite for Gulfstream jets, beachfront mansions, Bentleys and cosmetic-surgery funds. This is, of course, in conscious imitation of the Yuppie from Galilee.

People usually have one of three reactions to stories like this:

  1. So what? It’s fools taking money from fools.
  2. Yes, they’re greedy, but they still bring people to God.
  3. God helps those who help themselves. They’ve been blessed. (Admittedly, I don’t know anyone who believes this, but that’s sort of what the “prosperity gospel” is all about.)

All three reactions amount to “Let’s not get our panties all in a bunch about a few redneck preachers getting rich. We’ve got more important things to focus on.”

Unfortunately, it cuts a little deeper than that. The amount of information considered by the Finance Committee before starting down this road amounted to at least the suspicion of a vast criminal conspiracy. (And, lest you think I’m exaggerating, just check the interlocking directorates, shared board members, and shared jet leases of the top 50 or so players that the committee is looking at.) Some of these guys are little more than carnies. Others aren’t as self-consciously criminal but believe their own publicity—but they also know that they’re taking money intended for disaster relief, aid to the poor, and aid to orphans, and converting it into personal luxury items. If that’s legal, then the law should be changed. If that’s illegal, then there should be at least as much jail time for them as Martha Stewart got for lying to the SEC.

Considering the huge issues at stake here—Can the government demand accountability from a church? Can the government define what is and is not a church? Can a religious organization refuse to comply with requests for information on First Amendment grounds?—you might be wondering why Senator Grassley, not a stupid man, sent a mere six letters that have no real teeth to them. If the targeted evangelist were to pull a Bartleby-the-Scrivener and say “I prefer not to answer,” then theres no penalty for that.

But then these were not just any letters. These were very specific letters. These letters had the kind of specific questions that make you pucker up when you read them.

Imagine if you got a letter from Congress saying, “Do you have an AK-47 with serial number 43789467 stowed behind a toolbox in your garage? Please answer yes or no.”

They were those kind of questions. They were the kind of questions that give you the impression that perhaps the Congressman asking them already knows the answer. Hence the phone calls to the lawyers yesterday morning.

We’ll see how this plays out. My own prediction is that most will decide not to comply at all, and then the committee will move in the direction of subpoenas. That will throw everything into a political debate leading up to the 2008 elections, with Republicans asking, “Will this alienate evangelicals?” and Democrats, who actually run the Finance Committee, asking, “Are the Republicans bringing this up to make it look like we hate religion?” That will at least be the occasion for delays, but eventually hearings will be held, the head of the IRS will get pressure, lawsuits will be filed.

If you wanna follow along, check back with us tomorrow. I’ll have some of the best “Long Dong Silver” stories from the files of the Senate Finance Committee.


Anik | 10:37 am on 2/07/2008

I guess he was lucky his foot was still attached. Might not have worked out so well otherwise.

See http://www.whydoesgodhateamputees.com/

JAY | 02:23 pm on 1/01/2008


Anonymous | 07:19 pm on 11/07/2007

There are many local church's in your area, please avail yourselves to them. I believe you will find more caring, sharing and love in your local communities. As far as the tele-evangelists they will answer to God, they will not deceive Him.

Chad | 02:05 am on 12/23/2007


SNAKES IN THE PULPIT | 07:58 pm on 11/07/2007





pk | 08:24 pm on 11/07/2007

Raquel-- know how you feel. I always found these guys a little creepy and overbearing, and occasionally hilariously stupid, until I found out that one of the best guys in our church had been steadily pouring his income into the mail towards Mr. Hinn for years and years, believing he was saving lives and not allowing himself to doubt Hinn at all because that would ruin his gift and it would be all his fault. Now I can't watch them for more than a second or two before I start boiling over angry. I think there's a reason that the shysters hawking sacrifice animals (and selling them as access to God, forgiveness, miracles) in the disadvantaged part of the temple got Jesus mad enough to knock some heads together.

Trish | 09:19 pm on 11/07/2007

To all of you who judge any of these people, may you think twice. Just because you "think" that what they are doing is wrong, does not make it wrong. It's just like people "thinking" they know what God would "think"in any given situation. But you really don't know because you don't spend any time in His Word, reading and meditaing and speaking to the Him and asking Him what He thinks of the situation. Did God send you here to be judge and jury? No, He didn't because His Word is very clear that He will be the judge. And I hope that when this investigation is over, you will be as bold to repent for being so quick to judge, because I believe that they will find that most of these guys are operating as they should be with in the law and with good work ethics. Nearly 4 yrs ago Benny Hinn's ministry was investigated and found to be innocent of all claims. In fact the attorny's working his case were much impressed with Benny's ministry that they each, with their families, attended one of his services after all was finalized and I might add most were Jewish.
Just because Christian television doesn't appeal to you, you have no idea how many people have found peace and deliverance through the gospel being shared from their tv. Christian tv could go the worldly route and have many advertisers to pay for the air time, because they have tried to get on there because they know how many millions watch. But the founders have said no and stayed true to allowing Christian tv to be supported by Christians. I'm sure you sit home on sunday's watching your football game, but do you ever think what would happen to your football game if there weren't the advertisers to support your game or your favorite show. Everytime you buy your beer or toothpaste, etc. you are paying for your favorite tv show. So don't watch Christian Tv and know this, my God is a mighty God and He is powerful and He knows everything going on and He doesn't need the Ole Anthony's of this world or people like you being His watchdogs. If one of His children get out of line, He will deal with them. He will always judge His children harder because they represent Him and because He loves them and doesn't want them to stray.

Anonymous | 03:09 am on 11/10/2007

If you only knew how pious and "religious" and downright stupid you really sound.

"But you really don't know because you don't spend any time in His Word, reading and meditaing and speaking to the Him and asking Him what He thinks of the situation."

Acts 8:18-23 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”
Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord. Perhaps he will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

""Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" (Matthew 7:15).

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."--2nd Corinthians 11:13-15


One of the most misused verses in the Bible is, "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Matt. 7: 1). Every Scripture verse should be read in its context, if we are to properly understand the true meaning. In vs. 2-5 of this same chapter it is evident that v. 1 is referring to hypocritical judgment. A brother who has a beam in his own eye should not be judging the brother who may have a mote in his eye. The lesson is plain, you cannot judge another for his sin if you are guilty of the same sin.

Those who cling to "Judge not, that ye be not judged," to condemn those who expose error should read the entire chapter. Jesus said, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing... " (v. 15). How can we know false prophets unless we judge them by the Word of God? If we know the false prophets, how can we fail to exam the sheep of these "ravening wolves?" All through the Bible we find proof that they should be identified and exposed.

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment " (John 7:24). Here our Lord commands that we are to "judge righteous judgment, " which is judgment based upon the Word of God. If judgment is made upon any other basis, other than the Word of God, it is a violation of Matt. 7: 1. Webster's Dictionary says that a judge is "one who declares the law. " The faithful Christian must discern or judge on the basis of God's inspired law, the Bible.
A fornicator is described in I Cor. 5:1-13. Paul "judged" (v.3) the man even though he was absent, and he told the Church at Corinth that they were to "judge" (v. 12) those that were within. The Greek word for "judge" is the same here as in Matt. 7: 1. Paul did not violate "judge not, that ye be not judged, " in judging the man, nor in instructing the Church to judge also. All of this judgment was according to the Word of God.


Some parts taken from http://www.factnet.org/discus/messages/3/7978.html

The Untouchable | 11:23 pm on 11/11/2007

Trish;I do beleive that Christian Radio and TV have brought belivers to Christ.However,I don't beleive that taking from the needy and unfortunate brings them to Christ!!
Yes,there are legitimate Christian Charities like Habitat For Humanity;The Salvation Army and Samaritan's Purse that have brought
the word of God through their works and deeds and should be supported!!
But there's one Helluva difference between former President Carter
helping build houses for the poor and Benny Hinn buying matching Versace outfits for him and his wife!!
Yes,were he to return to Earth today,Jesus would preach on TV!!
However,he would not be going around on TV asking for donations!!

Bill Scudder | 02:36 pm on 12/05/2007

Is It Right to Judge?

How many times have you heard someone whine, "Judge not, that ye be not judged?" This verse of Scripture from Matthew 7:1 is often quoted out of context by people who are terrified at the idea of someone preaching against sin or pointing out any form of error in anyone, especially in themselves.

As I stood in a voting line one day I overheard a woman justifying her foolish choice for president by saying, "Well, we aren't supposed to judge." Imagine that! Choosing NOT to judge a political candidate on election day! No wonder our nation is in such a mess!
As for Matthew 7:1, the context (verses 1-5) allows judging after you have first judged YOURSELF. Jesus did not make a blanket statement against judgment. He simply pointed out a RULE for judging.

Now, the word "judge" in its various forms (judgeth, judging, judgment, judges, etc) is found over 700 times in God's word. One whole book of the Bible is titled "Judges" for it was written at a time when God raised up judges to lead His people.
As we are about to see, God EXPECTS His people to judge. In fact, you are sinning against God if you refuse to judge! (Read that again, please)

God Expects Us to Judge
"The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment." (Psa. 37:30) A righteous person will talk of judgment. He will not REFUSE to judge. He will talk judgment.
"Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the LORD, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as ye have spoken. Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph." (Amos 5:14-15) How can you hate the evil and love the good if you refuse to judge? You can't. You are SINNING when you refuse to judge.

Our generation is well described in Isaiah 59:8: "The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace." People have refused to judge, so there is no peace.

Paul said in I Corinthians 1:10 to ". . . be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment." Why would Paul make such a statement if judging is wrong? In I Corinthians 2:15 Paul says, "But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man." Judging is not a sin; judging is a characteristic of being a spiritual person! Satan has been lying to us, hoping that we will NOT judge, because he knows that the right kind of judgment PLEASES God and betters our lives and Christian service.

Someone says, "But should we judge PEOPLE?" Yes, we certainly should. Paul actually REBUKES the Corinthians for NOT judging: "Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints? Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?" (I Cor. 6:1-5)

If judging is wrong, then Paul needs to confess and repent for misleading these Christians! He clearly told them to JUDGE PEOPLE.
If judging people is wrong, how can we obey Romans 16:17-18? II Corinthians 6:17? II Timothy 3:5-6? I John 4:1? Friend, if judging is wrong, then God has contradicted Himself and His words cannot be trusted!
Notice Malachi 3:18: "Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not." WOW! Does that sound like it is wrong to judge?

What about Revelation 2:2? " I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:" Why would the Lord be pleased with these Christians if judging was wrong? Is it not impossible to find someone a "liar" without judging them?
If the Bible is clear about anything, it is clear about the importance of judging on a regular basis in order to properly serve and honor God. To ignore this fact is to ignore all of the Scripture just presented and also the rest of the Bible. God expects us to judge.


Anik | 10:48 am on 2/07/2008

Can we just stick to the words of Jeshue ben Yussif Iif we actually know what thy were) please and forget about "Paul". (BTW to which of the several "Pauls" do you refer?). The words of some fanatic of the first century CE, whose brain got scrambled when he was struck by lightning, are of no more interest than the words of the twentyfirst century CE fanatics above.

Chad | 02:16 am on 12/23/2007

Trish-Benny Hinn has proven again and again that he is indeed a false prophet (Adam flew to the moon, God, Jesus, and the HS each have trinities of themselves, etc.). The Faith Movement is a farce, nothing short of heresy. I'm glad he had his financial ducks in a row; it saved him some jail time. But what he needs to do now is repent for his blatant errancies or succumb to God's eventual judgment.

I find "watchdogs" such as ourselves to be of the highest order, just as the Bereans were with Paul. We are not to believe just anything that comes along, and I thank God that he blessed me with the brains and critical thinking skills that enable me to distinguish the sheep from the goats.

And in my opinion, a $23,000 toilet is just plain ridiculous. Shoot! That's a down payment on a house for a Katrina victim! Do you realize how many inoculations that would purchase for third world children? Their greed is of the sickest order, yet no different than any one of us when it comes to misuse of funds.

Wisdom and grace as heads roll.

Anonymous | 04:06 pm on 2/20/2010

I support what u said Trish... You are right. These people are preaching the word to you and giving you all these chapters ... yet they forget that they should not judge.

Siarlys Jenkins | 09:46 pm on 11/07/2007

God helps those who help themselves. God helps free from the evil televangelist con-men those who help themselves by seeking the truth and proclaiming it to the world. God will indeed judge each of us for himself on his own terms. But he may ask those of us who had some idea what robbery and fraud were being done in his name why we sat back and allowed the poor and the old and the sick and the widow to be defrauded. These guys MAY be operating within the law, but so were the money-lenders driven out of a certain Temple in Jerusalem by a man who, as my pastor once remarked, did NOT ride into the city on the finest stallion available, or in a chariot, but on a donkey. I'd like to see Benny Hinn ride into a revival on a donkey, clothed in a plain robe, after fasting for forty days... My personal, unauthoritative, belief is that God will welcome Ole Anthony with the words "Well done, good and faithful servant." And incidentally, I don't agree with everything Anthony writes in The Last Word, but he is always sincere in writing what he believes he has learned of God.

Anonymous | 10:15 pm on 11/08/2007

Not true. God does not say that. That is an old English saying. God says, if ya wanna eat, get a job. Welfare ism is Commonism. It is Political Correct. God is not PC. Man must earn what he wants in life. And, a little prayer in public doesn't hurt either. Jesus said that He would reckonize before His Father those who reckonize Him before the world. Prayer "in" the world "of", subject to, Satan, is proof of ones Faith in his Lord before all. God says we are to pray all of them time.

The Untouchable | 11:32 pm on 11/11/2007

Uh Hmm!!Sounds Like Yew Bin Home Skooled!!!
By The Way,The Soviet Union Fell 16 Years Ago!!!
So Get Over Your"Welfare Iz Comminusim"Prattle,
Welfare Is Not Communism!!!Most People On welfare Are There Because They Found Themselves Down and Out!!!
Of Course,In Your Twisted Little Pea Brained Mind,People Who Are On Welfare Are Communists,While The Ken Lay's Of The world Who Embezzle Their Company Funds and Drive Their Companies Into Bankruptcy Causing People To LOse Their Jobs and Wind Up On Welfare
Are"God's Chosen People!!!".
Well,Dumbbutt,Since In Your Mind,Being On welfare's Equivilant To Being A Commie,Let's Hope You don't Ever Lose Your Job!!
And While Wer'e at It,Don't Go To Your Local Food Pantry For food Either,Because That's Begging and Begging Is Communism!!!

The Ringo Kid | 11:34 pm on 11/11/2007

Yes,God Wants Us To Labor So We Can enjoy The Fruits of Our Labor!!
But He also Said To Help The Less Fortunate!!
So,Why Doncha Go Volunteer At The Local Food Bank or Help Build A House For The Poor!!!

Grrr | 02:19 am on 12/23/2007

"God helps those who help themselves"

Book, chapter, verse please.

Mike | 11:33 pm on 11/07/2007

Hey Trish,

Put down the Kool-Aid and listen for a minute. There are many ministries out there that do a lot of good with the money they raise. No one is dinging them

And no one is passing judgement on these ministries either. Rather as believers we are insisting that they be, as the Scriptures you accuse us of not reading say, "...above reproach."

Copeland bought a $20,000,000 Cessna Citation. If you spent $25,000 a year on airfare, it would take you 800 years to spend $20,000,000. Troubling thought.

These aren't some simple, country pastors we're talking about here. These are individuals that are deliberately, intentionally, and callously merchandising the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We should all get on our knees and beg God to forgive us for not taking these errant brothers to task a long time ago. This is not their church they are casting in a bad light, and it's not ours; it's the Bride of Christ.

So withdraw your support from these folks. There are plenty of ministries right in your own neighborhood you can support...who'll spend the money wisely and with a caring heart.

I love you sister and I'm sure your heart's in the right place, but we're commanded to love the Lord with all of our heart, our MIND, and our strength. That means take the blinders off and getting real about what's truly happening.

Kent | 11:01 am on 11/08/2007

Amen, Mike (11:33 p.m., 11/7/07) to pretty much everything you said.

I Peter 4:17 - For it is time for judgement to begin a the household of God: and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Judgement among believers is a mercy, if a seemingly harsh one…just an ordinary means of grace towards sanctification. To endorse letting abuses continue is to call down judgement on ourselves as well as to refuse the Lord's discipline. To those who love him, judgement is discipline is a kindness, ultimately.

Anonymous | 03:19 am on 11/10/2007

You said it so much better and kinder than i did....I'm so mad still at Hagee who fleeced me for over 12 years while I was a single mom with three abused kids, barely getting by. When I think of the times my electricity got turned off because I tithed and gave instead of paying my bills, I could scream. I was told to NOT pay my bills, but to tithe first and believe God for the money for my bills....then when my electricity was turned off I was told I had no faith. I thought God hated me.

There is no end to their pimpery and I am so grateful to Senator Grassley and Ole Anthony for stepping up to the plate and doing what REAL CHRISTIANS should have done a long time ago.

Rene | 12:45 am on 11/08/2007

My mother was watching Paula White three weeks ago, when she pointed out a part of Paula's fundraising segment that was pretty bogus. She said" Just send $65, and within 90 days God will turn your life around..." I guess my cynicism rubbed of on my mom, whom would normally fall for fraud like this. But getting back to the point, Paula White, and all these other televangelist buttmunches, sell pipe-dreams of fantastic, debt-free, sickness-free lives to people who are barely holding it together. They have it down to a science.

What's the different between Paula White saying send her 60 bucks for a better life and some telemarketer else saying pay the same thing for a miracle diet pill or a breakthrough hair treatment for baldness? Answer: Nothing. 'Cause neither will work, and both are false advertisement.

RCFllrtn | 10:30 am on 11/08/2007

Perhaps before giving, people should ask for written guarantee???

Anonymous | 03:21 am on 11/10/2007

The difference is that the pimps do it in the name of God. But you are right, it's still a con game and fraud at best. I'd like to see all these pimps in jail.....MOVE OVER JIM BAKKER!!

fredthepig | 12:58 am on 11/08/2007

The sad part, to me, is the selling of the whole pie-in-the-sky idea that some god will be impressed if you give these blow-dried blow-hards ten percent of your cash.

YOU pay taxes and report income but they make millions and don't do either.

Tax the churches!
Save the economy!

BTW, Just because some weak people are comforted by a fraud, doesn't make it any less of a fraud.

Raquel | 12:59 pm on 11/08/2007

Thanks, PK.

You know. . .a CNN anchorman asked one of these "pastors" whether he thought Jesus would drive a Rolls. The pastor said, "Yes, I think he would."

That says it all, doesn't it.

Anonymous | 11:14 pm on 11/08/2007

Why do people like to show their ignorance? Didn't Christ ride the finest available in His day. Did He not ride a young and healthy Colt? Bet it was white too. Don't beleive me. Watch for that great warrior with White woolly hair, on a White Stallion in a White robe with King of Kings and Lord of Lords on His thigh when He returns for Judgement Day, to meet the Anti Christ in Meggeddo Valley for the Battle of Armageddon. The anti Christ will look like a one legged man in a bucket kicking contest when Jesus is finished with him.... Of course, that White Horse might be a Rolls with Jet Engines on it. After all, Nothing but the best for the Best. And, He is the Creator. All things are His. Plus, He did make His sons the Stewards over the world and everything in it. And, that CNN, Communist National Network Commentator is definitely not a Christian...Zionist and Masons aren't Christians. And you know how folks feel about them Christians who disagree with their sinful living. Jesus is so high and mighty that when He return, He will bring His very own City of Jerusalem. Brand new. Will "look like an emerald" glowing in the heavens. Michael Jackson don't know how put on show. No left over junk for the Man. It will encompass 1500 sq.miles. His very own city. You know He won't be driving a Ford. Don't blame these brothers of the Big Brother have big political incorrect dreams of imitating the Master.... You know! We are to do as The Big Brother teaches us to do. After all, the Son of God can't be wrong. Can he?

Anonymous | 03:28 am on 11/10/2007

Anonymous | 11:14 pm on 11/08/2007


I don't know which jesus you worship, but the one I worship is the one that ministered to the poor,widows, and orphans (he didn't fleece them)and who rode a simple donkey, and walked everywhere in sandals.

The Ringo Kid | 11:36 pm on 11/11/2007

You said It all!!!

Anonymous | 01:10 pm on 11/08/2007

Praise God for this turn of events.
Yves Brault has written a book "Behind the Scenes--The True Face of the Fake Faith Healers." in which he reveals the source of Benny Hinn`s anointing, he also deals with Morris Cerullo, John Avanzini and many others famous preachers.
The boak is available at Amazon.com
You can also watch his video on "You Tube" type Benny Hinn and go to Benny Hinn and his anointing.

In Christ Love
Yves Brault

Anonymous | 11:24 pm on 11/08/2007

Yves Brault! Is that a Christian name? Don't sound Christian! People who write negative books and comments about Christians are usually gnostic, atheist, bound for the Big BBQ Pit down below. God does not allow born again Christian to talk about their brothers, especially in front of Satan's sons.
Jesus, God's Son, who was hung on the Old Rugged Cross for all of Israel, and Gentiles, Loves us all and hope we will all spend eternity with Him.

By the way. Why are the most powerful, imperfect sinners, and God's Children being ripped apart? Can't tell by reading. Does that mean that the readers do love the Christians? Lets hear it for Born again politically Incorrect Christians!
Jesus love you,

Anonymous | 03:31 am on 11/10/2007

TO Anonymous | 11:24 pm on 11/08/2007


Toad | 02:40 am on 11/12/2007

It's people like you who make me ashamed to say I'm a conservative, Politically Incorrect, and a believer. (Yes, I said "believer" - if what you are is a christian, I am not one.)

Romans 10:6-7 "But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:) 10:7 Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)"

And yet here you are condemning people to your "Big BBQ Pit", judging people for their NAME, and defending the worst hucksters and frauds in known history. You are a bigot and your "righteousness" is self-righteousness, not that which is of faith.

Personally, I feel sorry for Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, and their like. Can you imagine standing before God at the judgment and Him asking you why you lived in a $10 million house with a dozen cars bought by people living on dog food? What response can a televangelist give when asked why he crushed people's faith by using their pain and despair to fleece them of what little they had?

Oh, I'm human - I'd love to see most televangelists behind bars; humiliated for their lavish lifestyles of cheating poor people. But I also hope they can see the error of their ways - I'm not cheering for them to land in your "Big BBQ Pit."

Siarlys Jenkins | 09:46 pm on 11/14/2007

Refresh my memory, exactly what ethnic group has Christian names, and which ethnic groups have "unChristian" names. There are Arabic-speaking Christians, Chinese-speaking Christians, Christians speaking 150 or so different African languages (does Akinola sound like a Christian name?). There are Russian, Polish, Swedish, French (I think Yves Brault is a French name), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, several varieties of south Slavic, Czech - named people who are Christian. Ditto, there are atheists and agnostics of all those varieties too. Or does your name have to be an English name to sound Christian? Any "Christians" still believe that "if English was good enough fer Jesus Christ, its good enough fer Texas"? My Ethiopian friend, raised in the Coptic Church and currently belongs to a Church of Christ, got a good laugh out of that statement.

Your Daddy | 04:02 am on 7/06/2008

OMG Einstein was right, stupidity has no limit. FYI Yves Brault is a French name but I guess that makes him a pagan bound for Hell because Jesus (is that a Christian name? ;) ) was a proper, pea-brained docile Christian who spoke "American".

What is it about the US that it breeds such stupid and borderline insane people who can confuse the faith with their politics and transform a conversation about greedy televangelists into a clusterfuck of Illuminati/Mason/Jewish/liberal media/commie etc. gibberish and rain hellfire and brimstone on others in the forum? Such confusion and insanity, to my knowledge, exists nowhere else in the world except for churches in the anglo-saxon diaspora who are closely linked to American fundamentalist churches. Any theories?

kurseth | 01:53 pm on 11/08/2007

This type of ministry is nothing more than a sales job. In Martin Luther's day the Church sold indulgences. You could be assured of a place in God's good grace by giving money to the Church. The practice of selling Indulgences was one of the things Luther railed against. These people have just updated the parctice and brought it into the 21st century.

Raymond | 02:17 pm on 11/08/2007

1Co 6:1 Do any of you dare, when you have a matter against another, to go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?
1Co 6:2 Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world? And if the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
1Co 6:3 Do you not know that we shall judge angels, not to mention the things of this life?
1Co 6:4 If, then, you truly have judgments of the things of this life, set those who are least esteemed in the church to judge.
1Co 6:5 For I speak to your shame. Is it so that there is not a wise one among you, not even one in your midst who shall be able to judge between his brother?
1Co 6:6 But brother goes to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.
While I agree wholehaeartedly with your concerns. I disagree with using IRS and government to be doing the judging. It brings greater shame on Christs name and has potential to bring legislation that will ultimately be used against the far greater number of sincere and faithful ministries in the long run. We should be judging ourselves through different means.

Anonymous | 11:44 pm on 11/08/2007

Thank you Jesus! Guess the atheist will hate the Christians as much as the Pharisees hated Jesus. The Christian is more prosecuted today than anytime in history. Fifty years aga, these arrogant Illuminte Mason sons "of the devil" would not show themselves. Today, they publicly attack the Christians everyday. They own and control most of the media. This situation with the Evangelical Ministers and Congress is a show of force before tax time. It is to scare The Christians, Pastors and the public in general. It happens every year about now. They have a Bill before Congress now demanding everything about Jews in the New Testament be removed. Jesus was a Jew. It doesn't leave much doubt what their agendas are. Same goes for the un-gay Homo. PC and it's ignorant followers hate the Biblical Correct more each day. The "government" will probably do their dirty work for them, since they control it and all of the media. The first thing on the agenda of the International Elite is the destruction of christianity. Well. They waste their time. Christ said He could not return to the earth until every man has heard the Good News. I sincerely doubt that He is going to cancel that trip, whether He travels by a space ready Rolls or on the wings of an angel. He is coming when the Christians have finished their work. Read the Word, the Future, the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. Since God says that He will tolerate no praise for Him in repetion, guess the Saints will be providing the music. Let's not forget that He died for all of us, even the PC.
Jesus is Lord

Anonymous | 03:35 am on 11/10/2007

You can't judge by different means because the pimps have brain washed everyone to thing "judge not lest ye be judged" and twisted scripture and taken it out of context. The people are lazy and don't read their bibles to show themselves approved, they just take the word of the pimps.

If you are an honest Christian, I don't think anyone will be bothering you or your church. It's the pimps they are after....

Toad | 05:52 pm on 11/11/2007

Hey Raymond,

Couple of things to consider. There's a lot of need in the world and while Jesus did say the poor would be with you always, I don't see how anyone with a soul or a heart can pull in $80 million a year while the poor slobs who give to them eat dog food. Maybe ... just maybe ... Benny Hinn ain't my brother, or yours either.

Jesus whipped the money changers. Doesn't sound particularly brotherly to me. Seems like he said zeal for his father house had eaten him up. So, how do you reconcile that with your quotes?

I'm not trying to get in your face. You seem honest, but being an apologist for a crook isn't how I want to live my life. If you'd gone up to Jesus and said, "Hey, put the whip down. It brings shame on us. We should be judging ourselves through different means." Do you think Jesus would back down?

Carol | 04:54 pm on 11/08/2007

I'm glad Grassley's going after the Gospel 6 but it's too bad he isn't going after Richard "Put your hands on the television and I will heal your carpal tunnel syndrome" Roberts. I guess old Richard has got enough problems right now without a Senate investigation on top of it.

His replacement at ORU, Billy Joe Daughtery (just as big a fraud), got punched in the face a couple years ago during an alter call. The same guy punched Richard Roberts in the face back in the 1990s.

Raymond Jr | 07:55 pm on 11/08/2007

If these Tele-evangelist did any wrong, it will come out because the Bible said so. Just read St. Matthew 10:36

ed | 10:59 pm on 11/08/2007

I never agreed with nor understood how churchs could get tax exempt status anyway, I say you got to pay to play. I'm so sick of watching some oily preacher( or Pope, you listening catholic church?) surrounded by riches and claiming they speak for Jesus and we the people need to help the needy while they keep raking it in. Sic'em, boys.

Anonymous | 03:38 am on 11/10/2007

I'm with you, how can you make a CD for $1.00 and sell it for $5.00 and call it non profit??? Where I come from, that's a $4.00 profit.

Tempered | 02:31 am on 12/23/2007

Easy does it. If that 4 bucks goes towards the mission field or feeding the poor, i.e how is it appropriated? I certainly don't have a problem with that. But if they buy a latte, sick 'em.

Anonymous | 11:54 pm on 11/08/2007

Evangelical Christians are born-again Christians in the image of God. Means their Spirit, themselves, have been purified by the blood, the faith in Jesus, of Jesus. Only Pagans see themselves as being of the flesh. No flesh is going to heaven, or hell. The Spirit goes up or down. We choose. Christ is the only way to God. The Catholic prays to Mary, a creature of the flesh. . The Mormon claims Jesus can't do it by Himself. Joseph Smith, A Mason, has to help you to get hooked up with God. Notice that Christians get attacked by the bitter and ignorant of the Word for obeying God. Yes. They are not perfect. That is why God made it possible, through His Son, for sinful Christians to repent. Only the Christians have this perfect relationship with their Lord and Saviour, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, God.

Anonymous | 12:38 am on 11/09/2007

I have no use for those TV preachers or their so-called "missionaries". I lived in Central America some years ago, and I saw the (social/political) damage they caused.. viz. Efrain Rios-Montt and the civil- war in Guatemala
Keep all of them out of Latin America !! The Latinos have their own faith and culture and they don't need some know-it-all gringo with a Bible and snake-oil to mess up their country.

Linda | 06:53 pm on 11/09/2007

For everyone talking about the tax exempt status of churches; Was is not Jesus himself say to give unto Cesear what is Cesear and unto God what is God's. I believe the real church of Christ's does just that. I pay taxes, and I believe I am supposed to. I also tithe, to a local church where I can see what happens to my money and can be assured that it is going towards God's work and not into some greedy person's pocket

Anonymous | 03:41 am on 11/10/2007

Tithing is Old Testament.....under the Law of Moses....Jesus fulfilled the law. Paul taught us to give as we purpose in our hearts, and God loves a cheerful giver. The NT does not teach us to tithe.

Rita and Carl | 02:14 pm on 11/10/2007

Amen to that! To bad we don't hear that from the pulpit. It's much better to give from the heart then being under the law.

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